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Conference: Lessons from Other Conflicts


Washington Post on the peace process

"Both leaders are focused on their domestic political survival,” said Gadi Baltiansky, former Israeli peace negotiator and director of the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement the Geneva Initiative. “That makes aspirations to launch a genuine peace process a bit unrealistic. Abbas is in a situation where he cannot deliver the deal that he talks about, and Netanyahu is not even able to describe the deal that he wants. With neither leader able to make “courageous decisions,” one is needed from the U.S. administration" Baltiansky said. Full article


New poll: most of us are wrong

More than half of Israelis who support the two-state solution think that they are a minority. They are wrong. A new poll shows that only 28% of Israelis think there is a majority who supports the two-state solution, while the actual percentage of supporters is 53%. On the Palestinian side, a majority of 52% supports the two-state solution and only 45% oppose it.

For the full poll conducted by the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research (TSC), Tel Aviv University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in Ramallah, with funding from the European Union (EU) and the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah.

Russian-Speaking Israeli's Discuss the Conflict

This weekend, we held a seminar for 25 young political activists that are members of the Russian speaking community in Israel. The seminar included a number of lectures on the Israeli Palestinian conflict regarding various issues such as security, demographics, and democracy. Participants also learned about the Northern Ireland conflict and the role civil society played in bringing it to a peaceful conclusion. Learning that peace is possible and has succeeded in the past inspired our participants to take action in promoting peace.

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