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The Geneva Initiative in the South: Seminar for Young Political Activists in Yeruham

In mid-April, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar in the southern city of Yeruham that provided young political activists with detailed knowledge of the conflict and a toolkit to promote the two-state solution.
The seminar brought together 25 political activists and community leaders from diverse backgrounds to learn about the core issues of the conflict, possible alternatives to solve it, narratives of their counterparts, and benefits of peace. For many of the participants, one of the seminar's highlights was meeting four young Palestinians and hearing about their every-day lives and efforts to advance the two-state solution.


Geneva Initiative Poll: Israeli Public wants Peace but is Skeptical that a Compromise is Achievable

An opinion poll conducted for the Geneva Initiative by the New Wave Research Institute in late-March, shows that 59% of the general public in Israel think that the ongoing stagnation in the peace process is bad for Israel – including 48% of Likud voters, 63% of Shas voters and 85% of Kulanu voters.
Up: seminar for senior Kulanu activists, April 2016. Down: seminar for senior Shas activists, April 2015


Young Israeli and Palestinian leaders met, talked and decided together: we choose peace

In February, the Geneva Initiative organized a joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar for young leaders from both sides, in Cyprus. The two-day EU-funded seminar focused on key issues of the conflict and solutions proposed by the Geneva Initiative.

Following the seminar, our young leaders set down to write about their experiences meeting the other side. One Palestinian participant wrote: "I believe that we, as young people, have an important role to play in creating change. Sometimes it seems that our leaders actually benefit from the conflict: but young people like us recognize the necessity of peace".

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USA Today: The Palestinian Peace Coalition helps promote non-violence in the West Bank

Photo: Thomas Coex,AFP/Getty Images
An article published in USA Today this week, decribes the important work done by the Palestinian Peace Coalition and dozens of other non-violence organizations in the West Bank.
Ayed Atmawi, youth organizer for the Peace Coaltion: “Our rational voice is most needed at times like this, but our most complicated obstacle is facing those who believe in violence and have enormous skepticism about any other method.”

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