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Geneva Initiative Conference- Between War and Peace

On September 21 approx. 200 Israelis participated in a conference in Tel Aviv focused on how to move the peace process forward following the fighting in Gaza – opportunities and challenges.

The speakers included Hisham Abdel Razek, a resident of Gaza and the former Palestinian Minister of Prisoner Affairs (pictured below). 

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Briefing for Foreign Diplomats

In September the Geneva Initiative held a briefing for more than thirty Israel based foreign diplomats. The participants were briefed by the Israeli and Palestinian Directors General of the Geneva Initiative, Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha who discussed the situation after the Gaza conflict and ways to move forward.

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New Poll: Most Likud voters want Netanyahu to launch diplomatic drive for Palestinian state

A poll conducted for the Geneva Initiative by the New Wave Research Institute in mid-September, shows that 53% of Likud voters and 58% of the general public believe that in light of the reality after the Gaza conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should embark on a peace inititative that would lead to a two-state solution.

The poll also showed that 2/3 of respondents believe that if a peace agreement is not reached in the next few years, a violent conflict will erupt again.


To read about the poll in the Jerusalem Post click here

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The Times of Israel - On the New Political Center

In Haviv Rettig Gur's article in the Times of Israel, Geneva Initiative Director-General Gadi Baltiansky talks about the need (and opportunity) to shake up the political scene and bring the peace process back to the center of the discussion:

“The majority that supports creating a border between us and the Palestinians somewhere near the ’67 lines exists, but it has to be activated...

... the ideological map has moved left. ‘Two states for two peoples’ was once the motto of the extremist Hadash [party]. Labor never called for it [during the Oslo process]. Now it’s been uttered by the leader of Likud, even if he doesn’t do anything to bring it about.

After the war in Gaza, we see people from the center, from Shas, from Likud, some who voted for Liberman. They’re in a dilemma, they’re perplexed. [They say,] ‘We thought that if we don’t do anything, nothing will happen. There wasn’t peace, but there was relative peace, the economy was okay.’ These people don’t have an answer now. They don’t say, ‘Okay, we will support the Geneva Agreement tomorrow morning.’ But they are asking themselves, ‘Do we win the next war, or do we prevent it?’”.


Geneva Initiative - Israel Director-General Gadi Baltiansky

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