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GI Delegations Participated in the 2018 International Caux Forum

The Geneva Initiative was delighted to send Palestinian and Israeli delegations to the international Caux Forum this year. In early July, 14 young leaders – political and social activists, youth leaders, political advisors and parliamentary staff from Israel and the West Bank took part in the conference, where they learned about peace building around the world and inspired people with their own stories.

Two State Index went up to 5.53

Europe increases its diplomatic engagement as America prepares to release its peace plan; regional leaders have their say; Gaza continues its slide toward conflict, and more: Here is why our Two-State Index (TSI) went up to 5.53 in June.

The TSI is a monthly assessment of the road to the two state solution. Examining more than 50 different parameters, it organizes and systematizes the latest developments and determines whether they create progress toward or regress away from two states. Ultimately, the TSI produces a coherent assessment of the plight of the two-state option. Check out the TSI web site and subscribe to the newsletter here.

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