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Taglit Visits the Geneva Initative

Geneva Initative Director of Public Affairs Gilly Harpaz spoke to a group of Taglit participants today about the Geneva Initiative's history, mission, and persent goals. The discussion that ensued was productive, lively and intelligent with many insightful questions being raised. It is important to educate the up-and-coming generation about the possible solutions to the conflict and ways to promote peace, for they will be the ones who shape the world to come.


Russian-Speaking Israeli's Discuss the Conflict

This weekend, we held a seminar for 25 young political activists that are members of the Russian speaking community in Israel. The seminar included a number of lectures on the Israeli Palestinian conflict regarding various issues such as security, demographics, and democracy. Participants also learned about the Northern Ireland conflict and the role civil society played in bringing it to a peaceful conclusion. Learning that peace is possible and has succeeded in the past inspired our participants to take action in promoting peace.

Marking 50 years to 67: "Two states – one hope"

The Geneva initiative, together with other peace organizations, political parties and over 35,000 people, participated in a demonstration marking 50 years of the Israeli occupation and calling to reach an agreement based on the two states solution. Talia Sasson, a member of the GI steering committee spoke at the event and said: "We came here today because we believe that peace is possible. As the Geneva Initiative proved, an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians can be reached".




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