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VIDEO: There is a Palestinian Peace Partner

As a reminder of the real issues of importance for this election campaign, we produced a short video with statements from Palestinian leaders calling for peace with Israel. This is what the Palestinian partners have to say.

Now Israelis must choose the Israeli partner. We call on them to vote for peace.

Click here to watch the video


"What are Yeshiva Students Doing at a Geneva Initiative Meeting in Tel Aviv?"

"The Yesh Atid party is trying to organize educational meetings with Yeshiva (religious seminary) students – for the time being unsuccessfully. One group, however, has been successful: the ‘Geneva Initiative’. Within the framework of the meetings that the Initiative organizes to influence decision makers, they do not limit themselves just to senior political advisors of Shas.The target: yeshiva students. This week students from prestigious yeshivas in Bnei Brak participated in a meeting with Yossi Beilin." - via Haredi 10

We are proud that our work transcends political and religious boundaries and we will continue to organize events for all those affected by the conflict. We are continuing to work with a range of parties, including the ultra-orthodox, to ensure that the new Israeli government will promote a genuine peace process the day after elections.

(Click here to read the full article.)


VIDEO: We Can Prevent the Next War

As part of our efforts to promote peace in Israel's pre-election agenda, we produced a short video which is designed in its rhythm and content to target young Israelis. Despite much that is lost in translation, here is the same video with English subtitles.

UPDATE: the original non-subtitled video has recieved more than 150,000 views and continues to recieve widespread attention. 

Click here to watch the video


Meeting with Likud Central Committee Members

To prepare for the day after elections, on February 17th we met with key members of the Likud Central Committee to discuss potential actions after the March 17th elections for the two-state solution. The participants, who included deputy mayors, branch heads, and members of local councils, also discussed ways to introduce the Geneva Initiative to newly elected Likud Members of Knesset.

Geneva Initiative - Israel Director General, Gadi Baltiansky, meets with Likud Central Committee members


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