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Joint Statement from the Israeli and Palestinian Chairmen of the Geneva Initiative

The Israeli and Palestinian Chairmen of the Geneva Initiative, Dr Yossi Beilin and Mr Yasser Abed Raboo, strongly condemn the baseless allegation made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he alleged that statements made by the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini about killing Jews caused Adolf Hitler to decide on the final solution.

This is severe incitement that will fan the flames of hatred, exacerbate the violence and damage any chance for peace. The attempt to blame the Palestinians for the Holocaust is especially severe in light of President Mahmoud Abbas’ statements that the Holocaust is the worst tragedy in modern history.


Swiss Foreign Minister Meets with G.I. Heads to Discuss Ways to end the Violence

The Swiss Foreign Minister, Didier Burkhalter, met today (13.10.15) with the Israeli and Palestinian heads of the Geneva Initiative to discuss ways to end the current cycle of violence and begin a substantive diplomatic process.

Councillor Burkhalter reiterated the Swiss commitment to promote the two state solution and emphasized the support of his government for the Geneva Initiative and the wide range of activities organized by its Tel Aviv and Ramallah offices.

The heads of the Initiative, including Yasser Abed Rabbo and Yossi Beilin, proposed to work together in the local, regional and international arenas to promote a practical program which would include both measures in the field and a political horizon which could be progressively implemented.

Senior Initiative members from both sides expressed their sorrow at the recent loss of life, expressed their hope that calm will soon return and repeated their commitment to assisting in creating a diplomatic process which could provide a real, long term solution to the conflict.


Palestinian Peace Coalition - Geneva Initiative (PPC-GI) Statement

With regard to recent media reports, we wish to clarify that the presidential decree closing the Palestinian Peace Coalition Center has been officially announced irrelevant to the PPC-GI, and hence revoked. The PPC-GI continues to function as normal and in recent weeks has run numerous programs for local Palestinian audiences as well as joint Israeli-Palestinian programs with its Israeli partner.

The PPC-GI wishes express its appreciation to its local and international partners for their support and assistance during this period.



Young Israeli and Palestinian Activists Meet for Evening of Dialogue

In late August we organized an evening of dialogue for over 20 young Israeli and Palestinian political and social activists. The participants discussed the fact that despite the lack of public debate on the issue, the ground is burning and every day friction and violent incidents are taking place which could escalate at any moment.

We discussed the role of young people from both sides in changing public opinion and generating public pressure on the leaderships to promote a peace agreement. The participants returned home energized to keep up their political work.

In the photo: The participants broke into small groups for intimate dialogue sessions.
The meeting was organized with the support of the European Union’s Partnership for Peace.

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