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250 Participants attend Geneva Initiative Conference on the Challenges in the Peace Process

On the 9th April we organized a public conference in Jerusalem which focused on the challenges in the negotiations, which was attended by 250 participants


Former Israeli Deputy PM Dan Meridor (Likud) and former Palestinian Minister Ashraj Alajrami listen to Geneva Initiative Director General Gadi Baltiansky

Speakers included former Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Meridor (Likud) and former Palestinian Minister for Prisoner Affairs, Ashraf Aljrami, both of whom addressed the crisis in the negotiations. Meridor emphasized that cancelling the commitment to release prisoners and announcing plans for settlement construction was a mistake. Alajrami highlighted the risks to the Palestinian-Israeli security cooperation if Israel were to enact sanctions on the Palestinian Authority.

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Ron Pundak z"l, our friend, partner and fighter for peace passed away


We are greatly saddened by the passing of Ron Pundak z”l last week. He was a good friend and a true partner, who worked all his life for peace.

Gadi Baltiansky, Geneva Initiative-Israel Director General eulogized him: “We are greatly pained by the death of such a principled, straight and honest friend, who was one of the leaders of the Geneva Initiative and one of the most senior leaders of the peace camp. Ron spoke and worked for the good of his country and for his people. His contribution will remain with us and will provide us with direction for many years to come."

During his work with the Geneva Initiative Ron met with countless people and with boundless patience would discuss the peace process, explain the history of the negotiations, tell about his experiences with and contribution to the peace talks and underline the importance of reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians. This photo was taken at one of the many meetings at which Ron spoke about the peace which he worked every day to achieve. We will continue our work in order to realize his vision. Yehi Zichro Baruch. May his memory be blessed.


Palestinian Peace Coalition Oragnizes Seminars for Women

In March the Palestinian Peace Coalition - Geneva Initiative ran two seminars for women to encourage their involvement in Palestinian political life.

Ms. Raifeh Samara, Head of the Women's Organization in Luban encouraged the participants to "take an active part in the Palestinian social fabric".
She added that Palestinian women should work hard to promote the two state solution in order to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The Seminars were organized with the support of European Union's Partnership for Peace



30 Likud Members Meet with Senior Palestinian at GI Seminar

In February we organized a seminar for 30 key Likud Activists including members of the Likud Central Committee, branch heads and local council members.

Former Palestinian Minister Hisham Abdel-Raziq at the Likud Seminar

They met with former Palestinian Minister Hisham Abdel-Raziq, who told the audience: "I would personally be prepared to live in one state, but the two state solution is better. The Geneva Initiative shows that it is possible to reach an agreement."

To read more about the seminar click here




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