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Palestinian FM: “two state solution or one apartheid state. There is no third option.”

Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Maliki: “We can either reach an agreement on the two state solution or there will be one apartheid state. There is no third option.”

Al-Maliki made the statement at a UN Conference in support of the two state solution which took place this week in Moscow, with the participation of numerous senior figures from the Arab states and the wider international community.

In the photo: (from right) The Geneva Initiative’s Israeli and Palestinian Directors General, Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha speaking at the conference
The Geneva Initiative’s Israeli and Palestinian Directors General, Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha, also spoke at the conference where they presented an outline for how progress could be made including: steps to be taken in the field, a gradual implementation of the Arab Peace Initiative, working towards an internal Palestinian reconciliation and presentation of the key elements required in a peace agreement on the basis of the Geneva Initiative model.

Tour for New MKs

MK Zouheir Bahloul (Zionist Camp): "The Geneva Initiative is a realistic toolkit. It is in essence a sober and sane initiative"

MK Bahloul made the remarks this week during a tour of East Jerusalem for new members of Knesset from two parties in the coalition and two parties in the opposition. The tour was led by Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli and highlighted the situation on the ground and possible solutions.

MK Merav Ben Ari (Kulanu) summed up her experience: "We just finished a fascinating tour with the Geneva Initiative, we which allowed me to see the issues relating to East Jerusalem up close, to see what everyone is talking about."

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MK Ofer Shelah at Geneva Initiative Conference: We must emphasize hope

"We must not present a solution to the conflict with the Palestinians as a zero sum game. Instead, we need to emphasize the hope it would bring for the future of all Israelis."

MK Ofer Shelah (Yesh Atid) made the remarks at a Geneva Initiative conference on June 14 attended by 250 Israelis on: "The challenges facing the peace camp in the current political reality."

Brig. Gen. (res.) Giora Inbar called on Israel to initiate a policy based on three elements: genuine negotiations on the principles of the Geneva Initiative, regional cooperation against mutual threats and full reconstruction of the Gaza Strip in exchange for a long term ceasefire.

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GI Participates in Water Meeting

Last Week an Israeli-Palestinian delegation from the Geneva Initiative participated in an international meeting in Mumbai to discuss ways to overcome obstacles to Israeli-Palestinian cooperation on the issue of water. Water is one of the key issues to be resolved in any future peace agreement and the Geneva Initiative is engaged in an ongoing process with Israeli and Palestinian experts to ensure that the solutions we propose are the most up to date and relevant.

The Geneva Initiative delegation with the other Israeli, Palestinian, Indian and Swiss participants

The meeting was organized by the Strategic Foresight Group and the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

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