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PPC-GI Conference: The Palestinian Situation in view of domestic, regional and international developments

PLO Secretary General Yasser Abed Rabbo: “What we need now is a clear Arab and international position setting the basis for the peace process in order to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, but not just for the purpose of engaging in negotiations. Then we can talk about negotiations whose main aim is to end the occupation”.

The speakers and audience at the conference

Abed Rabbo made the remarks at a political conference in Ramallah on May 21 organized by the Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative on “The Palestinian Situation in view of domestic, regional and international developments”. The conference was attended by more than 150 political activists, opinion shapers, civil society activists, young leaders and foreign diplomats.
The conference was organized with the support of the European Union's Partnership for Peace.
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Post Election Briefing for Foreign Diplomats

"We cannot give up. We cannot be frozen because of the results of an election. A UN Security Council Resolution sends the message that this issue is still very much on the international agenda and the world is committed to it." - said Geneva Initiative Chairman Yossi Beilin to the six Ambassadors and over 30 diplomatic representatives who attended a diplomatic briefing held at the Geneva Initiative offices in Tel Aviv today.

Beilin (former Minister of Justice and Deputy Foreign Minister) and GI Director General-Israel Gadi Baltiansky discussed the results of the recent Israeli election and the critical role of the international community in pushing forward with the peace process.

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Tour for Likud Activists

On Friday the 9th May the Geneva Initiative held a tour for 50 key Likud activists.

Key Likud Activists on the tour

The activists included members of the Likud Central Committee and branch heads among other key activists. The tour was led by Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli and included briefings at a number of vantage points in the West Bank and Jeruasalem. The tour focused on borders and Jerusalem as a part of a permanent status peace agreement, presented the changing reality in the territories and highlighted the solutions offered by the Geneva Initiative.


Joint Israeli-Palestinian Seminar

“In every meeting that I participate in, I learn new things and see that there is hope for a solution,” said Raina, a Palestinian participant in our first joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar since the Israeli elections, which took place in late April.

The seminar participants discussed the core issues of the conflict and ways to work together to promote the two state solution.

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