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"The change will come from the young"

In late October, we organized a joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar for young political activists from both sides. 

Prof Yossi Yona told the participants: "I hope that the solution will come from young people, although young people lack patience, we have to understand that this is not a sprint. It is a long distance run. We have to keep working and in the end the change will come. I call on you to continue with your activism, despite the leadership that we have."

Senior Palestinian Authority member Saman Houri said: "The recent war in Gaza gave the feeling that the only solution would be if the other side were to disappear, and this is true for both sides. The principle behind the Geneva Initiative is the exact opposite. It says that we can exist next to each other"

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Seminar for 40 Shas Activists

In late October we held a seminar for 40 senior Shas activists.


MKs Yitzhak Vaknin and David Azouli speaking at the seminar

MK Yitzhak Vaknin, a veteran supporter of the Geneva Initiative, said to the Shas activists: "The holiness of life is more important than anything else, and we have to think how to stop the next war. We cannot return to negotiations just to hold talks which are empty of content. We won't let Netanyahu deceive us. Every day that passes, time is working against us, and if we do not reach an agreement today, tomorrow will be worse. We have to reach a peace agreement, otherwise one will be forced on us."

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We Didn't Say It...

The respected Israeli columnist Ben Dror Yemini (who writes for the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot) discussed the Geneva Initiative in an interview in the Globes newspaper:

"I respect and admire organizations like the 'Geneva Initiative', whose objective is to promote peace. They do the opposite of demonization – meetings between Shas activists and Fatah activists, and publishing the fact that most Likud members support a diplomatic compromise."

Shas Activists at a meeting in Ramallah

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Tour for Diplomatic Community

On October 23, the Geneva Initiative ran a tour of the greater Jerusalem area which was attended by over 40 members of the diplomatic community.

This year the tour focused on Israeli plans for new building in the Givat Hamatos and Gush Etzion areas. During the tour current settlement activity, Israeli government proposals and potential border were presented 

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