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Meeting with the French Envoy for the Middle East Peace Process

In mid June, the Palestinian and Israeli Directors General of the Geneva Initiative, Nidal Foqaha and Gadi Baltiansky, met with Pierre Vimont, the French Special Envoy for the preparation of the international conference to renew the Middle East peace process.
Foqaha and Baltiansky expressed the GI's support for the French Initiative, and discussed possible ways in which the GI can contribute to its success.
This meeting followed a series of consultations we have held in recent weeks with other Diplomats and Officials. We are pleased to see that our friends in the international community refuse to accept the current stalemate in the Peace Process.


Shas activists: dialogue with the Palestinians is urgently needed

35 leading Shas activists, including local council members, heads of municipal religious committees and journalists took part in a unique day-long workshop we held in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.


In the morning, the group toured the Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem with Lt. Col. (res.) Ron Shatzberg, who told them about the demographic and political trends in the city, as well as about the daily lives of local residents. This was the first time most of the participants have ever seen the Eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and were shocked to see from up close the gap between the symbol of Jerusalem as the "unified capital of Israel", and the reality on the ground.
One participant, Deputy Mayor of the City of Ofakim, said: "one can really see how neglected, crowded and poor these neighborhoods are. The lack of services and poor living conditions here in East Jerusalem clearly create a volatile atmosphere. Perhaps peace can calm things down".


Meanwhile, in Ramallah: Israelis and Palestinians Engage in Real Dialogue


On June 1st, the Palestinian Peace Coalition and H. L. Education for Peace – together the Geneva Initiative, brought together a group of 30 Israelis and Palestinians for an intensive joint meeting in Ramallah. They got to know each other, reflected on how the conflict affects their lives and talked about how they can work together to advance the two-state solution.
The group was composed of 15 Israelis and 15 Palestinians, all recent graduates of the Geneva Initiative's Advanced Political Courses. It was exceptionally diverse, and included representatives of parties and groups who do not traditionally support the two-state solution. Among others, the meeting brought together activists from Israeli parties such as the ultra-orthodox Shas and United Tora Judaism and Palestinian parties such as Fatah.

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Joint Leadership for Peace: Israelis and Palestinian youth met in Nazareth for a weekend seminar

On May 6-7, the Geneva Initiative brought together 18 Palestinian and Israeli young political activists for two days of lectures, discussions and joint work in the city of Nazareth. The weekend seminar focused on key issues of the conflict and solutions proposed by the Geneva Initiative, and provided participants with detailed knowledge and a toolkit for promoting the two-state solution.
Our carefully selected Participants are all inspiring young activists: youth leaders, educators, party activists as well as media professionals. They are all highly motivated and politically active, and engage on a daily basis with diverse Israeli and Palestinian communities from across the political spectrum. Now that they have the necessary knowledge and tools, the group is better equipped to effectively advocate for the two-state solution within the Palestinian and Israeli political systems and discourses.

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