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Take control, you’re the majority

Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli presents a perspective shared by the majority of Israels and calls on this majority take control:

"Only three out of 10 Israelis believe that there is no such thing as the Palestinian people and are opposed to any permanent arrangement that involves dividing the land between the two nations. The rest support the two-state solution, as long as the division is carried out in accordance with the recognized parameters of the Clinton plan, the Annapolis Conference and the Geneva Initiative."


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A bad peace is better than a good war

Geneva Initiative Spokesperson Gilly Harpaz writes in Ha'aretz:

We live in a permanent Catch-22 situation: When there is violence there is nobody to talk to, and when there’s quiet there’s no reason to talk. And in another year, perhaps two, the quiet will once again be interrupted because in the absence of peace, there are occasional wars.

The Palestinian ticking bomb can be neutralized only through a diplomatic solution, not a military one. The detailed solutions are known to everyone and have been proposed in the past in the context of the Geneva Initiative, the Arab League initiative and the Annapolis talks. PA President Mahmoud Abbas has proven by his persistent opposition to violence and his efforts to achieve a cease-fire that he is the best partner Israel will have


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Geneva Initiative: The principles of a plausible Israeli-Palestinian deal

Ben Birnbaum and Amir Tibon write in the New Republic that due to the Geneva Initiative the contours of an achievable agreement are known:

“The good news was that, after previous rounds of talks and model treaties like the 2003 Geneva Initiative, the principles of any plausible Israeli-Palestinian deal were known”.

They add about the Geneva Initiative: "It is considered to this day to be the most detailed example of what an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement could look like.

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On hope and despair in the Middle East

"Israel has, of course, many reasons to fear and to worry. The Middle East is in turmoil, fanatic and fundamentalist currents toss and turn it, and most of it is still hostile toward Israel and openly wishes for its destruction. But precisely against those dangers and threats, the policy of despair and dejection does not seem to be the right path to follow.

We who have gathered here today, and many others who are with us in spirit, insist upon hope. A hope that is not wide-eyed, a hope that won’t give up. A hope that gives us – Israelis and Palestinians both – our only chance to resist the gravitational pull of despair."

Author David Grossman, Geneva Initiative signatory in a speech at the Israel Conference on Peace organized by the Haaretz newspaper, which took place in the shadow of escalating violence.

Video speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the conference.

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