March 2007 Poll: 62.3% of Palestinians are ready for peace; 59.2% of Palestinians are optimistic about future


62.3% of the respondents believe that the Palestinians are ready for peace, while 25.1% believe that Israel is ready for peace. Despite this, 59.2% of Palestinians expressed optimism regarding the future.

When asked about President Abbas's call for early Parliamentary & Presidential election, 54.5% of Palestinians supported the call as opposed to 31.4%. Should early election take place 44.7% said they will vote for Fatah; 33.5% will vote for Hamas; 16.5% will vote for independent candidates and 5.3% will vote for left faction candidates.

The poll found that 60.3% of Palestinians support a political settlement for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the two-state solution while 31% oppose and 8.7% are undecided. 43.3% of Palestinians support the return of refuges to the Palestinian territories or a compensation mechanism; while only 31.6% of the respondents support the return of refugees to their homes.

When asked about the nature of the future Palestinian State, 75.6% of Palestinians said that they prefer it entirely independent, while 18.3% accept a sort of special relation with the neighboring countries: 5.2% with Jordan, 4.9% with Egypt and 11.9% with Israel. Meanwhile, 31.6% of Palestinians want Palestine be a national state, 17.6% to be an Islamic state, 21.7% to be an Arab state and 27.3% would to be a state with all of the above features.