Meeting the Swedish Special Envoy to the French Peace Initiative

On November 6th, the Geneva Initiative met with Ambassador Ulrika Sundberg, the Swedish Special Envoy to the French Peace Initiative, who visited our region in an effort to learn from Israeli and Palestinian civil society about the obstacles and opportunities of the resolution of the conflict and the two-state solution. 


The Geneva Initiative was represented by board members Brig. Gen. (ret.) Israela Oron and Professor Menachem Klein, Director General Gadi Baltiansky, Director of Public Relations Gilly Harpaz and Director of Foreign Relations Daphna Perry. 

The meeting focused on questions related to the prospects of a two-state solution, ways to promote it, and messages to the international community – particularly on the occasion of the French Peace Initiative. A key message that was stressed by the GI group was that civil society on both sides must play a key role in any peace initiative or process if those are to be successful and sustainable.