October 2007 PPC-GI Poll finds two thirds of Palestinians support two-state solution with Israel

October 2007 PPC-GI Poll finds two thirds of Palestinians support two-state solution with Israel
Date: 04.11.07
Poll finds only 25.6% of Palestinians are opposed to a political agreement based on the two-state vision, 79.9% support PA participation in the Annapolis peace summit.

In an October poll commissioned by the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative through Alpha International, 65.2% of Palestinians support a political settlement for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on a two-state solution as opposed to 25.6% who oppose such a solution

52.7% of respondents agreed to the principle of 1:1 land swap as outlined in the Geneva Accord, as opposed to 43.1% who don't.
The poll also found that 63.3% of Palestinians have confidence in Fayyad's government as opposed to 28.3% who do not. Still 74.6% are satisfied with the performance of his government, as opposed to 19.2% who are not. 57.1% of all respondents expressed satisfaction with the measures taken by President Abbas following June 14th, as opposed to 38.2% who were unsatisfied.
When asked about the solution to the current internal crisis, some 77.3% of Palestinians support holding early legislative elections, as opposed to 19.9% who don't believe early elections will solve the problem. Still, Fatah comes first when asked about their choice for PLC with some 42.7%. When asked who they would vote for in early presidential elections, 25.7% of the respondents named, President Abbas placing him on top. Jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti came second with 21.4%, Ismail Haniyeh received 8.7%, and Salam Fayyad came in fourth with 7.2%.

As for the autumn peace conference, the Palestinians are not so confident that this conference will be a serious step towards solving the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Some 52% believe it will not result in a solution. However, 79.9% of Palestinians support Palestinian participation in the conference, as opposed to 18.6% who oppose to this.