PPC Pollling Data: January 2006

PPC Pollling Data: January 2006
Date: 12.01.06
New polling data from the Palestinian Peace Coalition, Geneva Initiative Palestine.

A poll conducted by the Palestinian Peace Coalition/Geneva Initiative showed that 65.6% of the Palestinians believe that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict can be resolved by political means as opposed to 24.7% who said they believe the conflict can be solved through military means. Moreover, 79% of the respondents said they support the Palestinian National Authority call for immediate resumption of the final status negotiations with Israel despite the fact that 86.6% of the Palestinians believe a peace agreement is unlikely to be reached with an Israeli government under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The poll, conducted throughout November by Alpha International, a polling firm in Ramallah covered a random selection of 1,490 Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. According to Elias Zananiri, Executive Director of the Palestinian Peace Coalition/ Geneva Initiative, the poll concentrated on matters of maximum interest for the average Palestinian, including the chances of reaching a political settlement in light of the current developments and amid a series of measures and actions on the ground that Israel is taking, complicating the achievement of a political solution, if not making it impossible.

Asked about the Geneva Accord, 57.3% of the respondents said that after reviewing the articles of the Geneva Accord, they would accept the Accord as a basis for a political settlement while 36.5% were opposed...

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