"With no peace, there is no future for Israel" – said former Minister of Interior Ophir Pines on Friday, at a one of a kind reunion conference that brought together more than 60 of our political courses' alumni.


Pines, along with political strategists Maya Bengal and Emilie Moatti, participated in a panel discussion on building peace between Israel and the Palestinians, focusing on concrete steps for the near future. The keynote speaker at the conference, former MK and journalist Nitzan Horowitz, talked about how the peace camp must try to broaden its support base in Israel and reach out to new audiences which have traditionally not been associated with it.
This unique conference brought together motivated political activists from across the political spectrum, including from parties like Shas, Likud, the Zionist Union and Meretz. Having taken part in our political courses in the past, this was an opportunity for them to meet, network, reflect on the current political situation and work together on identifying concrete steps they can take in the upcoming year to advance the cause of peace.