40 Likud Activists Participate in Geneva Initiative Seminar

On the 28-29 September the Geneva Initiative ran a seminar for a group of Likud Party Activists. Former Minister Miki Eitan (Likud) told the participants that "compromise is not a fundamental concession of one's basic rights"


Eitan told the group that if PM Netanyhau presents a negotiated agreement to the Israeli public, he believes that opposition within the Likud will disappear.
The seminar, which took place at Kfar Hamaccabiah was attended by over 40 Likud activists including members of the Likud central committee, heads and members of local councils, and other office holders within the party. Over the two days, the participants learnt about the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict and about the solutions proposed by the Geneva Initiative. They met with senior members of the Geneva Initiative as well as Sufian abu Zaida, former Palestinian Minister for Prisoner Affairs.