October 2009 Poll by the Jerusalem Media & Communications Center

According to the poll published in October 2009 by the Jerusalem Media & Communications Center, a vast majority of Palestinians optimistic about the future. There is also a wide-spread confidence in the security performance of Fayyad’s government resulting in a rise of his popularity. At the same time, the popularity of President Abbas has declined. With regard to the political parties, Fatah Movement still enjoys greater support than Hamas. A clear majority of Palestinians also supports the Arab Peace Initiative while the level of confidence and trust in the US Administration has decreased.




October 2009
The poll shows that 54% of Palestinians are optimistic about the future.
The level of confidence in PM Salam Fayyad increased to 4.5% compared with 2.1% last October. On the other hand, the ratio of Palestinians showing confidence in President Abbas decreased to 12.1% in this poll compared with a ratio of 17.8% last June. In the same context, the ratio of those who expressed satisfaction with the way President Abbas runs the Palestinian Authority went down from 48.5% last October to 39.4% in this poll.
The poll tackled the general performance of both governments in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the area of security. The poll results showed a notable increase in the ratio of respondents who said that security and safety have improved during the era of PM Salam Fayyad: a ratio of 42.7% said the security conditions improved compared with 37.7% who said that security has improved in October 2008. Ratio of respondents who said that security conditions during the era of Fayyad deteriorated went down from 26.8% last October to 20.2% in this poll.
The poll also shows that the level of confidence and trust in the US Administration has decreased. The ratio of respondents who said that there is an improvement in the US’ dealing with the Middle East problems went down from 40.6% last June to 25% in this poll. In the same manner, the ratio of those noting deterioration in the US Administration performance on the Middle East issues rose from 6.6% last June to 12.8% in this poll. Moreover, the ratio of Palestinians who believe that the US policy in the region would raise chances of achieving a just peace went down from 35.4% last June to 23.7% in this poll.
The findings also show the wide-spread support for the Arab Peace Initiative. While 60,9% of respondents support it (strongly or somewhat), 31,4% are against.
The poll was conducted in the period October 7-11, 2009 and included a random sample of 1,200 persons over the age of 18 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with an error margin of + or – 3%.