Abed Rabbo Encourages Civil Process to Accompany UN Campaign in September

Al Ayyam

via Al Ayyam (translated from Arabic by Geneva Initiative staff)

Yasser Abed Rabbo, Secretary General of the PLO, spoke at a campaign launch conference, "In Preparation for the State of Palestine with Full UN Membership". Abed Rabbo stressed several messages regarding the Palestinian statehood campaign at the United Nations in September:
We are going to the UN to attain recognition of the State of Palestine based on 1967 [borders], in order to be the 194th member state of the UN. Our dream of properly executing September must fall under one headline: Palestine, the 194th member of the UN.
The Palestinians will present their demand for their right to freedom and respect at the opening of the General Assembly of the UN on September 20.
The process will not end in September, regardless of the results of the campaign. It would be a tragedy if we started the process in September and then stopped it. September, therefore, needs to be a platform from which we launch a widespread civil and political process. We will take steps toward peace that will be viewed as a continuation of the Arab Spring.
We want our Arab bothers in all fronts to recognize the coming September 20 as a Palestinian day. [Palestinian] leadership will go to the UN, and if nothing happens in September, other months follow.