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Ad campaign: Geneva Initiative is Good for Security

By Geneva Initiative

Date: 30.12.08

On Tuesday, December 30th, Geneva Initiative took out an ad in the widely read Israel Hayon daily, entitled "The Geneva Initiative is Good for Security."

The ad is part of a wider billboard and ad campaign carried out by GI over the past two weeks to raise awareness to the option os a peace agreement and to place the political process at the top of the national agenda ahead of the general elections in Israel.

Tuesday's ad, worded so as to address the current violence in Gaza and Israel's south directly, took up three quarters of a page in the paper's central spread. Its wording was as follows:

The Geneva Initiative is Good for Security

Deep inside, we all know: There's no military solution to the conflict between the Palestinians and us. We mustn't maintain a situation in which civilians are killed by rockets and children are scared to death. The Geneva Initiative presents the alternative of an agreement, which will bring hope to the Palestinians and security for Israel. This is the way to beat the extremists.

Last week, in response to the campaign, the Yesha Settlement Council appealed to Israel's Central Elections Committee to place an injunction against a Geneva Initiative's public advertising campaign, claiming that it constitutes election publicity for the Labor Party, Meretz and Kadima, and bypasses restrictions on advertising in the lead-up to the February 10 general election. On Monday, Committee Chairman and Deputy Supreme Court President Eliezer Rivlin rejected the appeal and decided the GI campaign could go on as planned.

The appeal was covered by leading Israeli media outlets, and its rejection was a leading headline on the new political website, "Politico.co.il."