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Amos Oz, Leading Voice in Geneva Initiative, Passes Away

 "Bring a bucket of water and throw it on the fire, and if you don’t have a bucket, bring a glass, and if you don’t have a glass, use a teaspoon, everyone has a teaspoon. And yes, I know a teaspoon is little and the fire is huge but there are millions of us and each one of us has a teaspoon."

- Amos Oz, "How to Cure a Fanatic"

The Geneva Initiative mourns the passing of one its founders and leaders, celebrated author Amos Oz.



Amos was an adamant believer in the power of words to bridge divides; he was a strong and insistent principled voice who spoke bravely about the need to work towards peace and reconciliation. His faith in peace, his love for the people of this region, and his conviction in our ability to pave a better future, Israelis and Palestinians together, will continue to inspire us and instill hope in the struggle for peace.


May he rest in peace.

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