August 2016: the Two-State Solution is Still the Preferred Formula on Both Sides

A poll published on August 22 by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research and the Israeli Democracy Institute found that 59% of Israelis and 51% of Palestinians still support the two-state solution to the conflict. In contrast, only 20% of Jews in Israel and only 34% of Palestinians support a one-state solution with equal rights to all.
The survey also found that both sides underestimate the level of support for the two-state solution on their side: among the Palestinians, 47% said a majority opposes it; among the Israelis, 57% said the majority opposes it. Similarly, they underestimate the level of support for the two-state solution on the other side and think that there is a majority that opposes the two-state solution: 49% of the Palestinians believe a Jewish majority opposes it; and 44% of Israelis said a Palestinian majority opposes it.

The survey also found that 52% of Israelis would support a peace agreement that, in the spirit of the Geneva Initiative, includes the establishment of a Palestinian state in the entirety of West Bank and the Gaza strip, except for several blocks of settlements which will be annexed to Israel in a territorial exchange.
Interestingly, a quarter of the Israelis who oppose this solution are willing to reconsider their opposition to the peace deal if it was accompanied by a peace agreement with all Arab states according to the Arab Initiative's principles.