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Baltic, Nordic States Willing To Contribute To Peace Process In Middle East

BNS News, 26.08.04

Baltic and Nordic countries have declared support to the Middle East peace process, pledging to contribute to the implementation.

The position was stated at a meeting of eight foreign ministers of the Baltic and Nordic states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland - at the Lithuanian seaside resort Palanga on Thursday, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said.

Before the start of the official session on Thursday, the diplomats had a working breakfast initiators of the Middle East Geneva Accord - Yossi Beilin and Yabed Rabbo.

Announced on Oct. 13 2003, the Geneva Accord is a civil initiative of Israeli and Palestinian societies as an attempt to contribute to the international community's peace efforts in Middle East. The initiative drew enormous interest of the international community and was applauded by the European Union and the United States.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis welcomed the representatives of Middle East, expressing hope that the Geneva Accord will help societies of Israel and Palestine to contribute to the peace process in the region.