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Bernard Henry Levy's war diaries - Ehud Olmert's offer

By Bernard Henry Levy, Le Journal du Dimanche

Date: 18.01.09

The following is an excerpt from an article by Bernard Henry Levy published in the French Journal du Dimanche on January 18th. In it, the journalist reveals that during his visit to Israel, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told him of his offer to President Mahmoud Abbas--an offer closely along the parameters of the Geneva Accord.


Ehud Olmert's offer

Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem. He reflects on Mubarak's two sided act and his being forced by the international community to eventually close down his border to Bedouin traffic. But then the tone changes. And with a muffled voice, he starts telling me of Abou Mazen's last visit, three weeks before, in this office, in the very chair I'm sitting in.

"I made him an offer: 94.5% of the West Bank. Plus 4.5 % in the form of territorial exchange. Plus a tunnel, under his control, linkig the West Bank to Gaza, equivalent to the missing 1%. And when it comes to Jerusalem, a simple and logical solution: The Arab areas for him; the Jewish ones for us; and the holy sites under joint administration of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and the US. Abu Mazen asked me to let him keep the map on which I had drawn my sketch. I didn't, as I know him and knew how next time, he'd have used my paper as starting point for a counter-offer. However... The offer is there....I'm waiting..." Too good to be true?