BG Israela Oron Interviewed on Reshet Bet About Kerry Outline and the geneva Initiative

Reshet Bet Radio interviews BG. (ret.) Israela Oron

translation by Geneva Initiative
Announcer: "Israela, How close is this framework, which is now being discussed, to what was discussed in the Geneva Initiative?"
BG. (ret.) Israela Oron: "The truth is that since the Clinton outlines in 2000, most of the solutions are more or less based on the same principles, including the Geneva Initiative. We are talking about the 67 lines with land swaps, Jerusalem as the capital of both states, a solution for refugees and of course security arrangements. These are the issues, but the unique aspect of the Geneva Initiative is that for the first time a very, very detailed agreement was prepared which dealt with all these issues. And as I am sure you know, the devil is in the details. We managed to agree on all the details which are difficult to resolve. The outline being presented now will apparently be very, very general to allow room to play within it."
Announcer: "Is there a political gap, seemingly very big between the positions of the people behind the Geneva Initiative and the Prime Minister's people? Is there a connection between the Prime Minister's bureau and Geneva Initiative members, to make use of your conclusions, to discuss, to receive materials from you, to review your annexes? Between you and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who has recently led the negotiations? or with the Foreign Ministry? And the Foreign Minister, as much as he is involved? Do they cooperate with you? Do they agree with you on the issues? Do they use your materials?"
BG. (ret.) Israela Oron: "Since the publication of the Geneva Initiative we provide it to each legally elected government chosen by the people. It doesn’t matter if it is a government led by Kadima, or Likud or a government led by Labor. Every government can peruse it and use it as a basis for negotiations. Happily, every item which passed through our hands, everything that was published by the Geneva Imitative is in the hands of everyone who needs to know."