How can Palestinian youth be a positive force for change?

In late February, the Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC) hosted a group of USAID officials for a lively discussion on the role of Palestinian youth and women in advancing peace
The delegation, consisting of Thomas Staal, Acting Assistant Administrator at the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance; Alexander Klaits, Governance and Civic Engagement Office Director, and Governance Specialist Reem Jafari, met with representatives of civil society organizations, as well as with a group of Palestinian youth. They talked about involving Palestinian youth and women in the public discourse and political processes, and about the potential role Palestinian youth could play in advancing peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Participants reflected on how, in face of recent waves of violence in the region, young Palestinian leaders can become a positive force for change.
Thanks to the generous support of USAID, the PPC-GI and the Geneva Initiative are engaged in a two-year project aiming to reduce resistance and to build overall support for a negotiated peace agreement amongst the Palestinian and Israeli political leadership. Throughout the project, the two organizations pay particular attention to engaging youth on both sides, including a two-month course for young leaders, which provides a core group of promising Palestinian and Israeli leaders with Knowledge of the conflict and the leadership skills to engage in effective political advocacy for the two state solution.