Capacity Building Seminar for Young Political Leaders


On September 26-28, The Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative (PPC-GI) organized a 3-day Capacity Building Seminar for young political leaders in Ramallah.


The event focused on debate skills, negotiations and conflict resolution as well on mediation. The program coordinator Mr. Ayed Atmawi said:

"The PPC-GI works with young leaders from different areas in Palestine on issues of concern to youth political participation. This training seminar is a part of PPC-GI's effort to prepare a group of Palestinian young leaders who are capable of presenting their ideas moderately, avoiding extremism which has a negative impact on both civil peace, and consequently on the peace process" 

Participants taking an active role in the seminar

Some 50 young participants attended the event which was lead by Mr. Reyad Shrem, the head of the training unit at Al Istiklal University, Dr. Azmi Alatrash, Dean of the Institute for Sustainable Development and Chairman of the Department of Developmental Studies at Alquds University, and Dr. Sulaiman Abu Dayyeh, lecturer at the Friedrich Neumann foundation in Palestine.

Mr. Reyad Shreemsaid "This type of training aims to educate the Palestinian youth on the importance of accepting different views, and using debate (dialogue) in conflict resolution. We are working on forming a Palestinian team for debate, that tackles sensitive issues moderately and rationally depending on logical and scientific proofs."

50 young leaders took part in the seminar