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CNN reports on new Geneva Initiative campaign

By Guy Azriel and Kareem Khadder, CNN


CNN reports on the Geneva Initiative's newest campaign:

In a print and internet campaign called “I am your partner Are you my partner?” The Geneva Initiative, an Israeli NGO dedicated to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a negotiated settlement, filmed key members of the Palestinian Authority personally addressing the Israeli public in Hebrew and English asking for their trust and support in reaching peace between the two peoples.


Geneva Initiative's Gadi Baltiansky told us “I believe we have managed to crack the myth of ‘no partner’ and created an atmosphere which is willing to examine the Palestinian leaders as partners. The strongest expression of our success is Netanyahu’s words to Abu Mazen (in his speech at the White House): ‘You are my partner for peace’”.

Whether Netanyahu’s speech was indeed influenced by the campaign or not, it’s impact on the peace process remains to be seen.

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