Conference in Gaza

On March 21st, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative held a public conference on the current political situation and future scenarios in Gaza. The conference was attended by over 100 political figures, legal experts, university students, representatives of youth groups and activists from various political parties.

The conference Hosted Mr. Yosri Darwish, Coordinator for “Wataneyon for ending the split”, Mr. Wajeeh Abu Tharefe, member of the politburo of the Palestinian People’s Party, Dr. Ahmad Yosef, a Hamas leader, and Dr. Sameer Abu Madallah, lecturer of Economics in Al Azhar University. 
This event provided the participants with the opportunity to discuss various issues related to the current political and humanitarian situation, including the latest development in the reconciliation file, reconstruction efforts, the aftermath of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, the repercussions of the attempt to assassinate the Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza and the possible outcome of the Egyptian elections.