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Conference on GI Annexes

On Thursday, January 21, the Geneva Initiative held a one-day conference about our recently released annexes. In attendance were the GI's public council and representatives of the diplomatic community.


The day comprised of a number of panels on issues such as security, borders, Jerusalem and designated roads. Speakers included Israeli and Palestinian figures involved in the drafting of the various annexes and commentators such as MK Israel Hasson (Kadima), Former Minister Haim Ramon and senior Palestinian figures such as former Ministers Samih El Abed and Ashraf El Ajrami.

Participants included MKs from Kadima, Labor and Meretz, GI's public council, Israeli and Palestinian reporters, academics and representatives from over 30 states and international organizations.

The conference was held at the Sheraton City Tower in Ramat Gan and was simultaneously translated to English.

Click here to view the conference program.
Click here to read the address delivered by Swiss Special Representative Amb. Jean-Daniel Ruch.

The event was covered by a variety of media outlets including Yisrael Hayom daily newspaper; NRG, Y-net and Ha'aretz online news websites and Galatz and Reshet Bet radio stations, among others.
Click here to read a report of the conference by Reuters journalist Wafa Amr.
Click here to read a Ha'aretz report on the conference.

Below are clips of speakers at the conference who delieverd their addresses in English.


Nidal Foqaha, PPC/GI Director General


Sam'an Khoury – GI Signatory, Head of the Peace and Democracy Forum


Dr. Samih El Abed – GI Signatory, Former PA Minister


Amb. Jean-Daniel Ruch - Swiss MFA Ambassador at Large for Special Assignments


Participants in attendance

Former PA Minister Samih El Abed addressing participants

GI Co-Architect Yossi Beilin addressing the forum