Five new MK's meet with senior Palestinians


On August 16 to 18, five new Members of the Knesset from Yesh Atid, the Labor Party and Hatnua participated in a joint seminar with senior Palestinian members of the Geneva Initiative in Budapest, Hungary. The participants agreed on a series of joint steps to increase support for the negotiations.

Amongst the agreed steps, the participants decided to prepare a joint statement of support for the negotiations to be signed by members of the Knesset and the Palestinian Parliament and to organize a delegation of senior Israelis to visit Ramallah. The participants also expressed support for the solutions proposed in the Geneva Initiative. There was a consensus amongst the participants that the outlines of a future agreement are clear to everyone and are supported by a majority of Israelis and Palestinians.

The MK's who participated in the event were Boaz Toporovsky, Yifat Kariv and Dov Lipman from Yesh Atid, David Tsur from Hatnua and Moshe Mizrahi from the Labor party.

MK Yifat Kariv wrote about her experience:

"We gathered to hear, to talk and for one side to listen to the other. Amongst the chaos, pain, years of failure, despair and hope we met to talk about peace.

We will never agree about the past, each nation has its own narrative, but we must reach agreement about the present and the future, if not for our own sakes then for our children. We need to wake up from the illusion that the current situation between Israel and the Palestinians can continue as is.

We, Israeli MKs, met with members of the Palestinians leadership and together we are trying to envision a future of peace. There is no other way."

Israeli MKs meet with senior Palestinian members of the Geneva Initiative