Gaza Workshop for Opinion-Shapers

On September 27, a half-day workshop was held in Gaza for a group of 35 students and young leaders.


On September 27, the PPC-GI held a half-day day training course in Gaza. The course was part of the Political Young Leaders Program, which aims to reinforce youth skills and empower youth character within Palestinian society and political arena. The course hosted some 35 participants from different Palestinian universities, youth foundations, and volunteer organizations. The topics of the workshop focused on political Palestinian issues, with a particular emphasis on the vital role of the PLO and the different Palestinian political groups affiliated under its umbrella. Participants also discussed Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements such as Camp David, the Oslo accords, the Road Map, and Annapolis conference.

The participants met with Mr. Yahya Rabah, political writer and analyst and discussed political issues and developments in the peace process. They also focused on the issue of Palestinian unity as a crucial element on the road to peace.

Politically active young men and women in Gaza in Geneva Initiative Seminar entitled "Political Education"