Geneva Initiative Alumni Promote Coexistence

Daniel Benn, a graduate of Geneva Initiative educational activities, organized a unique and inspiring get-together at his house during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. In the spirit of hospitality, he invited people from neighboring communities for an evening at his house. The invitation called neighbors to join the Benn family for "Sukkat Shalom" - an evening dedicated to "promoting dialogue, joint cultural activities and coexistence".


Over 140 people showed up – about half of them Arabs and Druze. Key municipal leaders were also present, including the Mayor of Afula and the Deputy Mayor of Umm Al-Fahm. This is a great example for the long term impact of our educational activities, as they often inspire people to bring the messages of tolerance and co-existence into their own communities and homes.

Daniel took part in our USAID-funded Political Course in Afula; later this year, he also participated in a seminar for young Israeli and Palestinian political activists, held in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.