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Geneva Initiative Architects Meet in New York Surrounding UN General Assembly

On September 16, in preparation for the UN vote on Palestinian statehood, Geneva Initaitive architects Dr. Yossi Beilin and Yasser Abed Rabbo participated in a series of events, including a conference hosted by the International Peace Institute.
In preparation for the United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood, we held a series of meetings in New York with leading Geneva Initiative figures, including the architects of the Accord, Dr. Yossi Beilin and Yasser Abed Rabbo. In a conference held by the International Peace Institute, the two stressed the relevance of the Geneva model as the only one in existence which proposes realistic solutions to all the core issues of the Conflict.
Abed Rabbo, head of the Palestinian arm of the Geneva Initiative, said "if there is one thing I continue to believe in throughout this entire political process - it is the Geneva Accord. I believe it will ultimately prevail". Dr. Beilin added that "the Geneva solutions are extremely relevant today. Our proposals on borders, refugees, security and Jerusalem have remained the most realistic basis for an agreement, and it is not by chance that no competing proposal has risen. There is no other model for peace that is agreed upon by leading figures on both sides".
Over 150 participants were present at the conference, including representatives of foreign governments, universities and worldwide media. Additionally, Abed Rabbo and Beilin were joined by GI Director General Gadi Baltiansky in meetings with leading UN officials aimed at renewing negotiations. Baltiansky also lectured at a conference for campus activists from J Street. At other events and meetings, the group was joined by Nidal Foqaha, Director General of the Palestinian Peace Coalition, and by Dr. Samih Al-Abed.
Watch a video Beilin and Abed Rabbo at the International Peace Institute conference:
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