Geneva Initiative at Kadima HQ

On Sunday, April 25, Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative representatives adressed Kadima Party MKs, position-holders and activists at the party headquarters in Holon

200 people participated in the event and were addressed by speakers such as Former Deputy Head of the General Security Services and Member of Knesset Gideon Ezra (Kadima); Fatah leader and former PA Minister, Sufian Abu Zaida, GI Signatory Col. (Res) Shaul Arieli and Members of Holon's City Council Doron Avital and Roi Cohen.

In the discussion on a permanent peace agreement, MK Gideon Ezra said that "In order to avoid a one-state solution, everyone is required to make concessions", and that, "any construction in settlements that are not approved as part of a permanent agreement, is a waste of money".

The event was reported on in the Kadima's Party website as well as in Holon's local printed press.

MK Gideon Ezra in Geneva Initiative event in Kadima HQ

Participants that attended the event

From left to right: Shaul Arieli, Doron Avital, Sufian Abu Zaida, Gideon Ezra, Roi Cohen