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Geneva Initiative Conference in Gaza

On June 28th, the Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative held a conference in Gaza entitled “National Reconciliation and Practical Solutions”.



The conference included speakers from different movements and organizations within the Palestinian society as well as commentators and student organizations. These include Dr. Faizel Abu Shala (Fatah); Ramzi Rabah (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine); Walid El Od (National Party); Ibrahim El Za’anin (Arab Liberation Front); Haled El Batash (Islamic Jihad); Salah Abu Rokhba (Arab Palestinian Front); Dr. Miriam Abu Daka (Arab Palestinian Front) and Salim El Handi (The Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative offices in Gaza).
The conference also dealt with ways to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace and was held as part of the PPC-GI’s cooperation with the Olof Palme Center.