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Geneva Initiative hosts Meretz USA in Ramallah

The visit included meetings with Palestinian PM Fayyad, former Minister and Member of the Palestinian negotiating team, Samih el Abid, PLO Executive Committee Member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLC Member Abdallah Abdallah and Palestinian GI Director-General, Nidal Foaqaha



The Palestinian Geneva Initiative offices (PPC-GI) organized a one day visit to Ramallah for a delegation of Meretz USA board members and activists. The delegation met with the Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad, who briefed the delegation on the Palestinian government’s plan of building the state institutions in two years in preparation for a final settlement. Fayyad stressed that the two-state solution is the only choice for both Palestinians and Israelis, emphasizing that the Palestinians will have their state’s institutions ready in 2011.

Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad addressing the American delegation in Ramallah
The visit of the delegation included a briefing with Dr. Samih Abid – GI Palestinian Signatory, Board Member of the Palestinian PPC-GI and former Minister of Construction. Abid spoke about the Palestinian position regarding resuming negotiations with Israel and stated that negotiations would be the only way to reach an end game settlement for the conflict. Abid highlighted that settlements are now the only obstacle to resuming the peace process, referring to the latest Israeli announcement for building 1,600 housing units, which was the main cause for obstructing the Palestinian position towards proximity negotiations.
Dr. Samih Abid with the Meretz USA delegation in Ramallah
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLO executive committee member and PLC member received the delegation in her office in Ramallah and briefed them on the political situation, stating that the current Israeli government is undermining all efforts to resume peace talks. Being an active woman in the political arena in Palestine, Ashrawi stressed that women from both sides should have stronger role in the peace process.
Mr. Nidal Foqaha, Director-General of PPC-GI briefed the delegation on the GI activities on the Palestinian side. Foqaha said that the Geneva Initiative provides a detailed model for permanent status agreement between the Palestinians and Israel. He added that in ongoing activities the GI addresses the issue of permanent status negotiation, and that Accord along with the recently released annexes provides a “recipe” for peace, where any future solution will be within the main guidelines of the GI Accord. Speaking on the GI annexes, Foqaha stated that they serve the Palestinians, Israelis and the international community, seeing as they paint a picture of peace for the skeptics; inform position-holders and officials regarding the different alternatives and enable international stakeholders to choose an area in which they could contribute to solving the conflict.

PLC Member Abdallah Abdallah and Palestinian Geneva Initiative (PPC-GI) Director-General, Nidal Foqaha with the delegation in Ramallah
In concluding the day, the group met with PLC Member, Mr. Abdallah Abdalla, who stressed that peace is very important and it is a national interest for both Palestinian and Israelis as well as the USA. In his address Abdallah referred to the important role that the US Administration plays in mediating between the sides and in enabling confidence building steps – referring to the Israeli government decisions regarding building more settlements and extending the Jewish heritage list by including holy places for Muslims.