Geneva Initiative in the Negev

On Thursday, February 4, the Geneva Initaitive headed down to the city of Dimona in the Negev where our representatives were hosted by Mayor Meir Cohen.


Speakers at the event included Minister Michael Eitan (Likud) who stated that the differences between him and the Geneva Initiative are small, GI Co-Architect, Yossi Beilin, GI Signatory Shaul Arieli and Palestinian GI representative, Former PA Minister Sufyan Abu Zaidah.

A Ha'aretz article which covered the event stated that in his address at the conference Minister Eitan said the following: "Last week the Land of Israel caucus was established in the Knesset. Neither I nor [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu can join it, even though in '92 I founded a similar caucus. To talk about Greater Israel now - that's deception." Minister Eitan, the article goes on to mention, also told the conference that Israel must not stop trying to make peace with the Palestinians.

According to the same article, Mayor Cohen said that "We have to choose between a state with a Jewish majority and a state with an Arab majority. I doubt whether we will have a Jewish majority in the state by 2020."

The panel was followed by a lengthy Q&A session in which the c.70 participants inquired about the Geneva Initiative's solutions to a number of issues. In addition to the city's Mayor who took part in the entire event, participants included Dimona's Deputy Mayor, the entire city council, principals of schools in Dimona as well as journalists and academics.

The event was also eported on in the Negev's local radio station and online.
Click here to read the full English article which appeared in Ha'aretz.

Panel at Dimona event from left to right: Mayor Cohen, Minister Eitan (Likud), Former PA Minister Dr. Abu Zaidah, GI Co-Architect Dr. Beilin and GI Representative Dr. Benziman (facilitator)