Geneva Initiative Israeli and Palestinian Delegations Participated in the 2018 Caux Forum

The Geneva Initiative was delighted to send Palestinian and Israeli delegations to the international Caux Forum this year. 14 young leaders – political and social activists, youth leaders, political advisors and parliamentary staff from Israel and the West Bank took part in the conference, where they learned about peace building around the world and inspired people with their own stories.


Organized annually by Initiatives of Change (IofC), the Caux Forum brings together hundreds of representatives from over 70 countries and territories. In the past two years, IofC has partnered with the Geneva Initiative in order to bring exceptional young leaders from Israel and Palestine to the conference. Many of the people at Caux have never met Israelis and Palestinians, and are eager to learn about the conflict and the work that is being done on both sides to resolve it. For the Geneva Initiative delegations, it was also an opportunity to see how their conflict is seen from outside, and to reflect on lessons from other conflicts around the world.
From left to right: Members of the Israeli delegation; Plenary meeting, Caux Forum