Geneva Initiative leaders meet with Italian Foreign Ministry Officials

On June 25th to 27th, Geneva Initiative senior leaders met with Italian Foreign Ministry officials in Rome in conjunction with a three-day joint seminar with Israelis and Palestinians on the issues surrouding a resolution to Jerusalem.


Participants discussed possible solutions to the city Jerusalem within the context of the peace process. The discussions took place in Rome, made in partnership with the Italian Center for Middle East Peace (CIPMO) and the Italian Foreign Ministry.
Alongside the seminar, Israeli and Palestinian senior leaders of the Geneva Initiative met with Italian Foreign Ministry offcials and discussed with them ways to include Italy and the EU in driving the peace process forward.
Left to right: CEO
From right to left: Israeli Geneva Initiative Director-General, Gadi Baltiansky, Middle East Peace Process Coordinator for the Italian Ministry , David La Cecilia, head of the Italian Center for Middle East Peace, Janiki Cingoli, and Palestinian Geneva Initiative Director-General, Nidal Foqaha.

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