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Geneva Initiative Annexes


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Geneva Initiative Meets with Hungarian Foreign Ministry Official in Budapest

On July 27, Geneva Initiative representatives met with a senior Hungarian Foreign Ministry official in Budapest to discuss the Annexes to the Geneva Accords.
Geneva Initiative Israeli and Palestinian representatives met in Budapest with a senior Hungarian Foreign Ministry official who expressed support for the initiative and its activities: "We believe that this is not just important as a political initiative, but also as a mechanism for continuing to create dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. We appreciate the initiative and strengthen its hands in promoting messages of peace on both sides." Members of Knesset and former ministers, former senior military officers, academics participated in the meeting. Senior Geneva Initiative figures presented the Foreign Ministry officials with the appendixes to the Geneva Accord and presented the initiative's operations internationally and among Palestinians and Israelis.


The Foreign Ministry official did not address the position of Hungary regarding the expected UN vote in September, but stressed that Hungary supports the promotion of a solution based on the Geneva Initiative negotiations rather than unilateral steps.
Senior Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative Figures Meet with Hungarian Foreign Ministry Official