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Geneva Initiative Annexes


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Geneva Initiative Meets with Palestinian Journalists

On November 28, the Geneva Initiative conducted a seminar for Palestinian journalists in Hebron on the role of the Palestinian media.

The meeting was conducted by the Palestinian Peace Coalition (GI) as part of a political forum entitled "Palestinian Media: Purposeful and Unified." Participants included journalists from various local and international news agencies, as well as television and radio stations.

At the meeting, participants discussed the role to be played by the Ministry of Media and the standardization of media discourse, as well as the role of the journalist in the context of the conflict.

At the conclusion of the meeting, participants expressed interest in further meetings for the discussion of additional issues surrounding the conflict and the peace process.


Participants recieved copies of the Annexes to the Geneva Accords.

Palestinian journalists discussing the role of Palestinian media.

The event was held in Hebron under the auspices of the Palestinian Peace Coaltion-Geneva Initiative.