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Geneva Initiative-PPC holds a peace seminar in Gaza

27/10/2007: Geneva Initiative-PPC holds a peace seminar in Gaza
Date: 27.10.07

In a political seminar held by the Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative in Al-Salam Hotel "Peace Hotel" at Gaza City beach (Sat, 27 October), keynote speakers included Talal Okal, political analyst, Dr. Faisal Abu Shahla, Head of Human Rights Committee in the PLC and Dr. Kamal Al Shirafi, prominent public figure.

The speakers held a debate on the latest developments with the participation of some 70 politicians, political analysts, media specialists, representatives of the national and Islamic factions and community leaders from Gaza Strip.

Saleem Al Hindi, PPC-GI representative in Gaza Strip stressed on the pivotal value dialogue and talks have to solve all problems and to overcome the stalemate in the Gaza Strip. "Dialogue is very crucial for solving our problems, whether political or social". Al Hindi shed light also on the prevailing political developments at the eve of Annapolis that opens a window of hope versus the deteriorated economic and internal status that spread despair and anger, as well as on the role PPC-GI is currently playing.

Participants stressed that the prevailing conditions in the Gaza Strip, including attacks on institutions, deterioration of the ability to receive education and health services, and suspension of work in many institutions necessary for the daily life, as well as closure of passages linking the Gaza Strip with the West Bank and the external world are damaging the Palestinian social tissue, hence putting in jeopardy the Palestinians ambitions to have an independent state, and causing the Palestinians to loose faith in any peace plan which may be presented before or after Annapolis.

The seminar was covered by several media outlets, including Al-Jazeera, Ramatan News Agency, Al Ayyam Daily and Al-Hayat Daily.