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Geneva Initiative representatives meet President Peres and GI Annex Book revealed

On Tuesday, September 15, the Geneva Initiative offices in Tel Aviv held a press conference in order to reveal the newly-drafted annexes of the Geneva Accord. That same afternoon our representatives hand-delivered the document to Israeli President, Shimon Peres, who conveyed his deep appreciation and promised to learn the material.



On Tuesday, September 15th the Geneva Initiative released a book of annexes which was hand-delivered by our representatives to Israeli President, Shimon Peres. The same book will also be presented to Palestinian President Abbas upon his return from the States.
As GI Director-General explained in several interviews, “the book is targeted at three groups: decision-makers and negotiators who can utilize its content; the Israeli and Palestinian people who are skeptic about the feasibility of ever reaching and agreement and the international community – which can utilize the data to pick the most suitable role and find the best way to increase involvement towards reaching a peace agreement.

Geneva Initiative delegation with President Peres
A partial round-up of press coverage (local; regional and international) that the event drew is as follows:
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AP (Several outlets in English including Dallas News and the Sun Times, Canada as well as translation variations in French, Spanish and Indonesian)
AFP (The Khaleej Times in English, United Arab Emirates; translated to Arabic on several Arab media outlets)
Christian Science Monitor
The Boston Globe
United Press International (UPI)
The Guardian
China News Network (in Chinese and in English)
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Tages-Anzeiger (daily newspaper in Zurich)