Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Geneva Initiative Responds to Israeli Cabinet Vote on Disengagement and Barrier Route

Press Release, 20.02.05

Further to the Cabinet decisions today, the Geneva Initiative calls on the Israeli Government to respond positively to the proposal of Palestinian President Abbas to immediately resume negotiations on a permanent status peace agreement. 
Now that the principle of the evacuation of settlements has been accepted, and the fact that most of the Palestinian territories will not remain under Israeli sovereignty has been clarified, the out-stretched Palestinian hand for peace should not be ignored.
There is a partner and there is a plan.  We must avoid wasting any further time, any further resources, and especially the devastating and unnecessary blood-shed that will likely continue until a permanent status Israeli-Palestinian agreement will be reached.
Even if the newly approved route of the separation barrier is moving in the direction of the proposed Geneva Initiative border, this remains a unilateral act and as such cannot bring real security to Israel and could undermine the prospects for a future negotiated agreement.
Unilateral steps belong to the language of the past. Geneva Initiative calls on the Government of Israel to urgently adapt to the new reality and launch an ongoing dialogue with the Palestinian leadership on all issues including the route of the separation barrier.  
To Prime Minister Sharon we say today: “Take the Initiative, take up the Geneva Accord”.