Geneva Initiative's Message to Netanyahu Runs in Israel's Dailies

On March 20, Geneva Initiative initiated a campaign, together with the Council on Peace and Security, calling on PM Netanyahu to take steps towards an agreement.

The ad, which ran in Israel's daily newspapers, is the first in a series that will appear over a period of ten days.  It says:

In light of international isolation
Only those who dare, win.

Hundreds of former sernior military officers say: Bibi, escaping from an agreement with the Palestinians endangers the security of Israel.

Dragging your feet increases international isolation.
Freezing the negotiations process is a real security danger.
Tummult in the Arab world is an opportunity for change.
National security considerations obligate us to reach an agreement.


The slogan, "only those who dare, win" is the motto of sayeret matkal, the elite army unit in which Prime Minister Netanyahu served.