Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Geneva Initiative Seminar for Israeli Journalists

In late June we held a seminar for 20 Israeli journalist representing all the major Israeli new outlets, and the Russian language, ultra-orthodox and foreign press.


During the seminar the participants heard lectures from Israeli and Palestinain speakers about the conflict and the solutions offered by the Geneva Initiative. The journalists also met with Ambassador Lars Faaborg – Andersen, Head of the EU Delegation to Israel who warned that the EU member states are losing patience with Israel's settlement building policy and predicted that other countries would join Italy, Spain, France and Britain in warning their nationals not to conduct business over the green line. He noted the importance of EU-Israel relations and emphasized that if Israel were to work for a peace agreement, the EU would take further steps to strengthen relations with Israel.
Ambassador Lars Faaborg – Andersen at the Seminar
We also organized a tour of the new Palestinian city of Rawabi: Live Work Grow. Rawabi is a new city being built in areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority which will include over 6,000 home units in twenty neighborhoods. The city will include a modern stadium, amphitheater, mall, commercial, schools and industrial areas and more. The planning and pace of the building is very impressive, especially in light of the restrictions and challenges arising from the political situation and the occupation. The first residents are expected to move in at the end of the year. Rawabi does not necessarily reflect the overall situation in the West Bank but gives a peek into how an independent State of Palestine could look.
The seminar and the remarks made by the EU Head of delegation received wide coverage in the Israeli press:
The Seminar was supported by the European Unions’s Partnership for Peace.
The first homes in the new Palestinain city of Rawabi are
due to be populated at the end of the year