Geneva Initiative to Members of Knesset: Be Honest with the Public

By Gilly Harpaz, Ha'aretz and NRG

via Ha'aretz, NRG (translated from Hebrew by Geneva Initiative staff)
Following the petition by 42 Ministers and Members of Knesset calling for settlement construction in response to the housing crisis, Geneva Intiaitive-Israel's Spokeswoman Gilly Harpaz issued the following comment:
The Geneva Initiative calls upon "moderate" ministers and Members of Knesset who signed the petition to solve the housing crisis by building in Judea and Samaria--among them MK Yoel Hasson, who stands at the head of the two state solution lobby, and Minister Yossi Peled who said last week in a conference organized by the Geneva Initiative in the Knesset that "the two state solution is an existential interest for the State of Israel"-- to stop lying to the public and decide whether they support a two state solution or investing funds in the future Palestinian state.
Photo by Ido Grumer