Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Geneva Initiative Tour for Diplomats

On October 23, the Geneva Initiative ran a tour of the greater Jerusalem area which was attended by over 40 members of the diplomatic community.
The tour was led by Geneva Initiative borders expert, Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli. The participants represented a range of countries, including the U.S., the European Union, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Estonia, Jordan, Japan, Australia and Argentina. In addition, representatives of international organizations participated.
The Diplomats on tour with Col. Shaul Arieli
This year the tour focused on Israeli plans for new building in the Givat Hamatos and Gush Etzion areas. During the tour, which covered the north, center and southern approaches to the city, Col. Arieli outlined current settlement activity, Israeli government proposals and emphasized the potential border solutions which are available, based on the Geneva Initiative.
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