Geneva Initiative tour to the security barrier for the diplomatic community

On Wednesday, October 14, the Geneva Initiative organized a tour to areas of the security barrier for representatives of the diplomatic and international community based in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.



The tour was attended by about 30 participants. It was guided by GI Signatory and Former Head of the Peace Administration under the Barak Government, Col (Res.) Shaul Arieli who is one of Israel’s leading experts on the territorial aspects of the future peace agreement. The tour stopped off at four central points with a view to the barrier: Modi’in; Nebi Samuel; Mount Scopus (with a view to E1) and Mount of Olives (with a view to Jerusalem and the Holy Basin). Maps and comprehensive explanations regarding recent developments in the barrier’s delineation in comparison to the route proposed in the Geneva Initiative were provided to the participants.
Nebi Samuel
Mount Scopus
Mount of Olives