Geneva Initiative Tour with Members of...

Geneva Initiative Tour with Members of Knesset

 By Arik Bender, Ma'ariv News 
via Ma'ariv (translated by Geneva Initiative staff, click here for the original article
Four members of of Knesset from Yesh Atid party took part in a Geneva Intiative tour around the greater Jerusalem area. The original tour was designed for members of the party and was supposed to take place during coalition negotiations, but was canceled on the orders of Party chairman Yair Lapid, probabaly so as not to hurt the friendly relationship developed between him and the chairman of the Jewish Home Party, Naftali Bennett. 
Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli, who led the tour by the Geneva Initiative, said that the tour included members from Yesh Atid party, Ruth Calderon, Ronen Hoffman, Dov Lipman and Penina Tamanu-Shata. Also participating in the tour were MKs Amram Mitzna, David Tzur, from Ha'tuna Party, and Eitan Cabel and Nachman Shai from the Labor Party. 
"The purpose of the tour is the recognition and study of the main issues in the conflict. We focus on the issues of borders, Jerusalem, security, while presenting all the solutions offered on all sides. Our goal is not to preach or present slogans, but rather to introduce the members of Knesset with the political and security arrangements proposed in and around the Jerusalem envelop." said Arieli. 
"I showed them the differences related to the border and the solutions proposed in Jerusalem. Included the separation of neighborhoods, division of East Jerusalem, and the historic basic in the Old City. I also present previous plansconsidered such as Sharon's plan, Annapolis, Camp David and Geneva Initiative solutions. The emphasis on the tour is the official Israeli positions." he added
MK Penina Tamanu-Shata, said that it contributed very much and said that the tour "is not one-sided, but rather presents a full picture of all the positions concerning the political and security issues at stake in the Jerusalem area."