GI-PPC Annual Report 2012

GI-PPC Annual Report 2012

Geneva Initiative - Palestinian Peace Coalition Annual Report for 2012


This document includes a briefing on what we have done during the year 2012.

Our activities were mainly tailored to influence decision makers, opinion shapers and the broad public
in Palestine, as well as the key international stakeholders towards reaching an end game solution
for the Israeli-Palestinian conlict based on the two-state vision. We pursued this objective through
mobilizing for a broader coalition supporting a peaceful resolution for the conlict in accordance
with the UN resolutions and within the parameters of the Geneva Accord and its annexes.
2012 witnessed a signiicant achievement by the Palestinian leadership represented in the UN
recognition of Palestine as non-member state. We believe that this move would create a good
platform for re launching peace talks which would lead to ending the conlict and establishing the
Palestinian State.

The PPC-GI gave a special signiicance to the internal Palestinian issue – as we irmly believe that the
internal reconciliation is extremely needed for pursuing the national aspiration of independence –
hence, we created a platform for dialogue among the members of the civil society sector, including
political parties, unions, business sector and other social movements in Palestine to push for

Thanks to the generous support of our partners, we will continue pursuing our objectives.