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GI attends Peace NGO Conference in Tuscany

10-13/06/2007: GI represented in Peace NGO Conference in Tuscany
Date: 10.06.07

Between 10-13 June, GI was represented at the Peace NGO Conference in Tuscany by a number of GI signatories including Mr. Yasser Abed Rabbo and Mr. Kadura Fares as well as the heads of the Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative Offices, Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha respectively.

The conference provided an excellent platform for representatives to voice the Geneva Initiative message of the need for bilateral negotiations for an endgame, final status agreement.

The conference was also attended by hundreds of other civil society leaders from the Palestinian, Israeli, Italian and broader European community and thus succeeded in engaging key figures in a serious discussion regarding the necessary support and steps to be taken to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For Ynet's report on the conference, please see Talking peace.