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GI Chairman Yossi Beilin meets President Carter

On Sunday, June 14th, GI Chairman, Dr. Yossi Beilin met with former US President Jimmy Carter in Jerusalem.



During the meeting both sides expressed their concerns for recent polls which illustrate a decrease in the American public's support for Israel. Following his meeting with Dr. Beilin, President Carter proceeded to meet the settler community’s leadership including the Head of the Gush Etzion Regional Authority. In their meeting President Carter stated his belief that the settlers of Gush Etzion, the place of their meeting, will remain part of Israel under a future peace agreement seeing as their settlements are located geographically close to the Green Line. President Carter further referenced the Geneva Accord and explained that under the Geneva Initiative Gush Etzion settlements are annexed to Israel on a land-swap basis.

President Carter referred to the Geneva Initiative again the following day (15.06.2009) in his meeting with Knesset Chairman, Mr. Rubi Rivlin. NRG (Ma’ariv online) reports that during this meeting Carter referred to the difference of opinion between the Israeli Government and the American Administration regarding the obstacle which the settlements pose to a two-state solution; and mentioned that “should the sides reach an agreement, it will be very similar to the Geneva Accord according to which c. half of the settlers will remain in their current homes”.
The Jerusalem Post reported:
During a speech to human rights activists in Jerusalem, the former US president said that he had long believed 50 percent of the settlers could remain where they are in any final status agreement with the Palestinians. Carter said he had long endorsed this belief, which was part of the 2003 non-governmental Geneva Initiative.

"The Geneva proposals on settlements recommend that about 2 percent of the area near the Green Line, occupied by about 50% of Israeli settlers, [they] should be permitted to stay where they are and that the amount of land would be swapped from Israel to the Palestinians. The Palestinians would give Israel that 2% of the land and there would be a swap," Carter said.

"This proposal was later publicly endorsed by Prime Minister Olmert, shortly before he went out of office. I think it's a rational proposal." The statement was made one day after he visited the Neveh Daniel settlement in the Gush Etzion bloc, where he said he had always envisioned that it would remain part of Israel.

President Carter and GI Chairman, Yossi Beilin in Jerusalem

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