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GI Civil Society Workshop in Jenin

06/03/2007: GI Civil Society Workshop in Jenin
Date: 06.03.07

On March 6th, 2007 GI held a training workshop for youth in the northern West Bank city of Jenin. The workshop, which was attended by 45 youth and civil society representatives, focused on strengthening the culture of dialogue, tolerance and peace in the Palestinian society.

The workshop included a series of training sessions aimed at raising participants' awareness about the political and social problems facing the Palestinian society. So too did sessions focus on empowering participants and providing them with tools to play a more progressive role in their community.

The encounter explored avenues for further cooperation between the different peace organizations in the Palestinian Territories and aimed to encourage youth and civil society on the national level to play a bigger role in the decision making process.

Discussions in the workshop focused on the following topics:

The political concepts relevant to the culture of peace and tolerance

Human communication and civilized dialogue

Empowerment of youth and civil society organizations

The activity was held in cooperation with the Students Care organization, as part of a series of activities under the Project "Strengthening the Voices of Peace", sponsored by the European Commission Technical Office in Jerusalem.