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GI conference on dialogue and reconciliation in Nablus

On June 17 the Geneva Initiative held a conference in Nablus entitled "National Reconciliation and Inter Palestinian Dialogue" with representatives from Palestinian political parties.


The Geneva Initiative organized a one day conference in Nablus titled "National Reconciliation & Inter Palestinian Dialogue" with the participation of some 100 town activists, including politicians, civil society activists, local and municipal leaders and youth activists. Speakers in the conference included Dr. Naser Addin Al-Sha'er, a representative of the Hamas movement; Amin Makbool, Secretary General of Fatah Revolutionary Council; Hisham Abu Gush, a representative of the DFLP; Motaz Al Sayed, representative of the People's Party; and Tayseer Naserallah, representative of the Nablus Governorate. The conference was facilitated by Mr. Ghasan Al Masri, GI Steering Council member.
The speakers stressed the urgent need to achieve reconciliation between the Palestinian political organizations and to put an end to the internal split, urging diligence in work toward a clear strategy for national unity as a prerequisite for fostering successful dialogue.
Makbool stressed Fatah's commitment to national dialogue according to the Egyptian Initiative. On his side, Al Shaer called for limiting the contention points between the two sides, prioritizing the need to reform the security apparatuses and ending the political arrests file.
The conference was organized in partnership with the Olof Palme International Center.
(Left to Right)
Ghasan Al Masri, Amin Makbool, Tayseer Naserallah, Dr. Naser Addin Al-Sha'er, Motaz Al Sayed, Hisham Abu Gush