GI conference on Implications of Israel's Policies on Israel's International Standing

On June 10, the Geneva Initiative held a conference in Tel Aviv in memory of Geneva Accord signatory Dr. Dave Kimche.

Speakers included: Gadi Baltiansky, Director-General Geneva Initiative Israel; Dr. Yossi Beilin, Former Deputy Foreign Minister; Ambassador Andrew Standley, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Israel; Ambassador Alon Pinkas, Former Israeli Consul to the United States; Ambassador Avi Primor, President of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations; and Ambassador Colette Avital, Former MK and Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Over 200 people, including ambassadors, other diplomats, and foreign press, attended the GI event in Tel Aviv. Speakers recalled memories of Dr. Dave Kimche, and attested to his ingenuity and depth of knowledge and capability in foreign policy.
Gadi Baltiansky began with opening remarks.
Former Minister Dr. Yossi Beilin discussed challenges facing Benjamin Netanyahu prior to his meeting with US President Barak Obama.
EU Ambassador Andrew Standley discussed the relationship between Israel and Europe, acknowledging a common concern amongst Europeans about Israel's policies on rule of law and a majority support for a Palestinian state. He, however, expressed optimism for the potential for an ever-closer relationship between the EU and Israel, founded upon strong connections of shared values and history. For Y-net's coverage of Ambassador Standley's remarks, please click here.
Ambassador Collette Avital stated her belief that Israel's foreign policies are endangering the Israeli citizens, the safety for whom the state is responsible. In reference to Palestine, she said the "lack of a solution will continue to cast a shadow on Israel's foreign relations".
Ambassador Alon Pinkas talked about the dissonance between the United States' and Israeli perception of the two countries' relationship. He discussed a need for Israel to adapt its concept of the relationship to that of the new generation of Americans.
Ambassador Avi Primor outlined the importance of looking into the depths of problems, as to find the root of the issues. He believes Israel should maintain strong relationships with the United States and the European Union, and warned of the implications of an isolationist foreign policy.
The conference was facilitated by GI Director of Foreign Relations, Michal Radoshitzky. It was covered in Israel's leadings news websites: NRG, Y-net and Walla.

Audience at the conference

This activity was made possible thanks to the kind donations from the Spanish Cooperation Office – AECID