GI Convenes Israeli Mayors to Discuss Core Issues of the Conflict

On December 16-18, the Geneva Initiative assembled 17 Israeli Mayors at the Dead Sea for a training on the core issues of the conflict and the peace process.

Participants included 17 prominent Israeli Mayors, including Dov Tzur of Rishon LeZion, Benny Vaknin of Ashkelon, Meir Cohen of Dimona, Chaim Avitan of Hadera, Meir Yitzhak Halevi of Eilat, Nahum Hofree of Raanana, Moti Sasson of Holon, Arye Shamam of Mevaseret Zion, among others.

At the meeting, participants discussed the outlines of a negotiated permanent status agreement and their responsibility as mayors to be involved in the political process.

Prominent Israeli Mayors gather at the Dead Sea to discuss the peace process.

The two-day event included a tour of GI's proposed border solution in the Jerusalem envelope, led by Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli. The tour was designed to illustrate the volume of resources expended on security and the barrier, which could otherwise have been directed to local and regional authorities and municipalities.

Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli leads a tour of GI's proposed border solution.


Mayors and their spouses look out onto Jerusalem.

Participants discussed security arrangements in the Old City as proposed by the Geneva Initiative.

Participants also met with Yossi Beilin, Geneva Initiative architect, and Shlomo Brom, senior research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies. Former Palestinian Authority Minister Sufiyan Abu Zaida and Head of the Palestinian Local Government Council Issam Akel also addressed the group.

Participants discuss their role in the political process as municipal leaders.

The group in conversation.


This event was made possible through the support of AECID.