GI Director General debates at TLV Internationals Event

On Tuesday December 20, Director General of the Geneva Initiative, Gadi Baltinansky, was invited to speak at the TLV Internationals debate series. He presented the grave consequences of continued settlements and the urgent need to achieve a peace agreement with the Palestinians.
Over one hundred and fifty participants listened to speakers Gadi Baltinansky from the Geneva Initiative and Naftali Bennet, Director-Geneeral of the Yesha Council, debate the topic of settlements in the occupied territories.
Particpants included new immigrants to Israel from all over the world, as well political activists, embassy staff and parlimentary assistants from across the political spectrum. The heated debate drew excellent questions from the audience that begged the questions of how long settlements were truely sustainable.
Gadi Baltiansky explained that Israel must reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians in in order to preserve Israel's Jewish and Democratic character. Settlements are an impediment to the prospects of a peace and risk the delegitimization and the isolation of the State of Israel in the eyes of the international community.
"Nothing less than the future of the Jewish people is at stake. If we are serious about maintaining the Jewish and democratic character of the State of Israel, the only option is to reach an agreement with the Palestinians which would divide the land between the two states." - Gadi Baltiansky, GI Director
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